Who Says White Men Can’t Jump?

Who says white men can’t jump? Because Luka Doncic jumps right out to me! And Rex Chapman is a slam dunk champion. Anyhow, this is definitely not a black or white thing. And if you have to know my race, yes I’m black! A black man telling you that a white man can jump!

Far from Woody Harrelson, I won’t pretend that Larry Bird and Dirk Nowitzki had hops out this world, but they are champions. And you have to be able to jump a little bit to win a championship in the NBA.

If white men can’t jump, you must not have seen Luke Kennard’s and Kyle Korver’s “jump” shot. I know what you’re thinking; A jump-shot does not count as a jump. Why, who makes the rule? Tyler Herro is jumping up the rookie ladder. 

Okay Mr. and Mrs Reader. If you want to get technical, and don’t believe that Luka Doncic’s stats and heroic moments justify the theory of “White Men Can’t jump,” then how about the impact and highlight that Pat Connaugton is having on the first place Milwaukee Bucks. I have three words, 44 inch vertical.

I’ll take every single one of these guys mentioned over Wesley Snipes any day.

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