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What We Learned from the AFC East Week 1

Jakeem Grant

The 2018 regular season is finally here! It just sounds so comforting to be able to say that. There were loads of things to take away from every game in week one. Let’s break down what we have learned from each team in the AFC East.

New England Patriots

To be honest, not a whole ton has changed with this division. Pretty typical AFC East. The Patriots shine and their divisional counterparts are anywhere from the bottom of the barrel to just above mediocre with some potential. Despite Tom Brady’s skeptical thought process to play this season or not, the vet shows no signs of slowing down with age yet again.

What seemed to be as strong as ever though, was the Brady and Gronkowski chemistry. The Gronk man caught a TD pass on his very first catch of the season from Brady. Gronk also put up 123 yards and had seven receptions in his first game.

Once again, Head Coach Bill Belichick’s team is not one that you’ll want yours to play against this year.

Buffalo Bills

Oh boy, Buffalo. The Bills struggled HEAVILY in their season opener against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Buffalo clearly still does not have their QB situation quite figured out as they made a swap at the end of the game from Nathan Peterman to Josh Allen. Not to mention, their defense performed extremely poor as well.

The Bills are still TD free and have let up almost half of a Benjamin after their season debut with a 47-3 loss to the Ravens. Buffalo needs to fix up their kinks on both sides of the ball if they want any chance of the playoffs again this season.

The optimistic could say that the Bills just had a rough first game and need to get in the flow. But perhaps only the very optimistic. The Bills Mafia better “Billieve” extra hard this season.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins made history this past weekend by winning the longest NFL game ever, due to weather delays, over the Tennessee Titans. Give the Dolphins some props for beating a 2017 divisional round playoff team in their season opener this year.

Miami looked fairly good on offense, especially when comparing it to last season’s. QB Ryan Tannehill’s return gives the Dolphins fan base high hopes. Tannehill threw a very pretty deep pass to Kenny Stills on Sunday that seemed to bring life to Miami.

It should be noted that Marcus Mariota and Delanie Walker, who are both key pieces in the Titans attacking game, were injured near the game’s end when the two teams were undergoing a back and forth scoring battle.

I wouldn’t jump the gun with the Dolphins, it is still very early in the season and they beat an offensively lacking Tennessee team. However, definitely don’t take the 2018 Dolphins lightly in the AFC East.

New York Jets

The New York Jets sure did turn a lot of heads on Monday Night. Sam Darnold led the Jets in his NFL debut with a huge 48-17 win against the Detroit Lions. It started off pretty rocky for the Jets rookie QB, who was pick sixed on his first NFL throw. After that though, it was show time for the Jets, the engines were officially started. Darnold soon after redeemed himself with a beautiful 41 yard TD pass to WR Robby Anderson.

The Jets didn’t just thrive on offense however even though it may seem like that from the score. They very impressively scored on all three units of the ball (offense, defense, and special teams). New York also scored an astonishing 21 points in 2 minutes and 36 seconds… wow. The Jets had a 78-yard punt return from Andre Roberts and FIVE interceptions, including one that was taken to the house.

The Lions were huge favorites in this game but the rookie QB and the rest of the team showed the world they should not be slept on. I for one am going to listen to this message after that display from Monday Night.


Now that we have a feel for every team, what do you think? Will the Patriots be dethroned this year by one of their rivals? Were any of these games in week one just flukes? Nobody can say for sure. I do know, there are three teams starting off with a one in their win column in the AFC East going into week two.

The really awesome part though is that this is just the beginning. The past week’s games may not have resembled the team’s overall season performance at all. I can’t wait to see what’s discovered in week two of this already crazy season.

Featured Image – Jakeem Grant (19) Miami Dolphins. Photo Credit UPI.


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