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Nothing can erase the controversy sparked by the no-call during the Saints and Rams NFC Championship game last season. But it does lead into a year of wonder for teams with competitive rosters looking to carve out opponents. I cannot wait to see what the 2019 season has in store for us fans. If you did not get a chance before, make sure to check out my AFC division winner predictions. Here is who is going to win the NFC divisions.

NFC East

Early on last year, it appeared that the Redskins would win this division. Then Alex Smith went down with a season (maybe career) ending injury. This opened up the division for Dallas to eventually win the East, but for Philly to make a push and make the playoffs. New York had plenty of issues last season and unfortunately didn’t string together enough wins to be meaningful.

In 2019, I look for the youth of the division to bring the excitement. Saquon Barkley was an absolute animal last year and shows the NFL that the position is not dead. If anyone is worth building a team around, Barkley is the man. Most games he was a one-man show that will continue to get better as long as he can stay healthy.

Dwayne Haskins reportedly has been turning heads in practice so far. During the NFL draft, he saw Daniel Jones get selected ahead of him, which he found funny. Haskins has the potential to be a game-wrecker for the Skins. And with Derrius Guice back from injury along with a crowded backfield, they should be able to do somethings on offense.

Philadelphia finally got rid of the quarterback conversation by trading Nick Foles to Jacksonville. The Eagles still feature a high-powered offense that upgraded some weapons for Carson Wentz. They definitely didn’t get worse this offseason, even with only having 5 total draft picks.

Last but not least, the Cowboys. Turns out that Amari Cooper trade was genius. The Raiders got some great value for him and the Cowboys got massive and clutch production from him in 2018. Dallas has an incredibly hard schedule this season though, most of these games might come down to Dak making some plays.

Division winner – Philadelphia Eagles

NFC South

This division went 3 teams to the playoffs in 2017, but in 2018 they only sent one. That team just happened to be the Saints who were a victim in the NFC Championship game to an annoying and unfortunate rule. Moving past that though, this roster is still really solid. Losing Mark Ingram will hurt, but before he served his suspension last season Alvin Kamara proved that he can handle the workload. New Orleans will be incredible to watch again this upcoming year.

A team that can’t get out of their own way is Tampa Bay. It prompted them to search for a coach that can take them to the promised land in Bruce Arians. His offensive minded mad scientist abilities should hopefully help Jameis Winston figure out what the heck has been going on for the Bucs. They have talent but they don’t have consistency, and at times don’t seem competitive.

Cam Newton benefitted from the dark horse MVP from last year, Christian McCaffrey. Similar to Alvin Kamara, he put the team on his back single-handedly multiple times in 2018. They will be a fun team to watch. One thing is for sure, if they protect Newton and don’t allow him to be a punching bag for other teams they will be alright.

Atlanta had a quietly mediocre season in 2018. They lost a lot of close games that came down to the team failing to execute. Julio Jones struggling in the red zone is still hard to understand considering how big of a beast he is. The Falcons selected two offensive linemen in the first round of the NFL draft. We will see how it all works out for them.

Division winner – New Orleans Saints

NFC West

Going into last season all of the hype was around Jimmy G in San Francisco. An injury early in the season that sidelined him for the rest of 2018 quickly shifted the attention elsewhere in the division. The 49ers had some decent moments last season but overall just got ran over by teams.

Seattle shined because of their megastar quarterback, Russell Wilson, that just finally got a deal signed that he deserves. Being a one-man show can be difficult, especially when he used to play with the Legion of Boom. The Seahawks showed faith in Wilson by drafting 3 wide receivers. Watching head coach Pete Carroll greet D.K. Metcalf was hilarious.

The Rams made it back to the Super Bowl in a tightly contested defensive game that was won by Tom Brady and company. LA just couldn’t overcome the game planning of New England. They did have some chances to score though that turned into missed opportunities. Regardless of last year, they are still going to be very hard to beat in 2019. Jared Goff exploded and will continue to improve under head coach Sean McVay.

Kyler Murray… how long will it take for him to light up scoreboards? I’m guessing not long. But his play style might not provide the longest career (RGIII). Murray does play slightly smarter than RGIII did, it’s just hard to imagine him handling hit after hit after hit well. No one can argue against his abilities to make plays though. Perhaps 2019 won’t be the season Arizona turns it around record-wise, but they did get a dynamic player that could pay off. Build around Murray and wait for other teams to decline or have cap issues and things will be sunny in Arizona.

Division winner – LA Rams

NFC North

The Bears taking the North was a bit of a surprise. Many thought that Minnesota or Green Bay would end up on top with their quarterback play. Yet, Chicago traded for Khalil Mack, played tough football all season, and developed their young quarterback nicely. They only had 5 picks in the NFL draft but added value in David Montgomery and Riley Ridley.

Another disappointing season for the Packers. It’s sad for such a tradition-rich organization. Aaron Rodgers clearly was not happy and hasn’t been for a while. I’m not sure if it’s coaching controversy or what, but winning could solve his problems. He’s getting older and the injuries are adding up. If they can protect him anything is possible. Plus, they added instant starters to their team through the draft and free agency that make their team better.

Minnesota is an example of a team with future cap issues that didn’t have success through free agency. They have a good roster but it didn’t translate to wins for various reasons. Kirk Cousins will do his best to take the Vikings to the playoffs. With the help of a stingy defense and improved run game it shouldn’t be surprising.

And finally, the Detroit Lions. So many curious moves last year with acquiring Snacks Harrison, trading Golden Tate away and having at times the most predictable play calling in the NFL. Matt Patricia, in theory, should have this team in better shape after his first year. He was able to get players that fit his style on offense and defense. Detroit also got a new offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell, that should immediately help Matthew Stafford have better success. To sum up their season, they dominated the Super Bowl-winning Patriots but lost to the Jets.

Division winner – Green Bay Packers.

Who do you think will win each division in the NFC. Let me know below.

Featured Image – Aaron Donald (99) LA Rams defensive beast. Photo Credit Turf Show Times.

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