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We are going to look at the top 5 trade targets before the deadline on October 29th. As this day approaches rumors will swiller and people will say all kinds of crazy things are happening. This is the time of year the contenders are shopping for the pieces that will put them over the top and the losers are looking to rebuild. Let’s take a look at 5 players who have a real chance of being traded and to where.

Von Miller

I know this name kind of comes out of left field but I think there is a real possibility that he leaves Denver. He’s 30 years old and is taking up a large amount of cap space. Denver could get a big haul of draft picks for him. I assume he would want to play for a contender. Denver isn’t going back to the Superbowl anytime soon. If you were the GM of Denver it’s something you would at least look at. If you are considering a full rebuild then Von Miller is a key player that could help get you the draft capital and cap space you need to turn the ship. I think he could go to the Colts. They have a ton of cap space. They are contenders for sure and adding a piece like Miller could push them past the Texans in the AFC South.

Stefon Diggs

This one is obvious. He has the talent to be a number one on almost any team but the Vikings don’t want to throw enough to support two star Wide Receivers. He has been pretty vocal about it. He had a huge game this weekend but I think he was playing to show his new team what he can do. I think a good landing spot would be the 49ers. The could use a top tier WR to go alongside Kittle and their insane running game.

Jalen Ramsey

Another obvious choice. He has been very vocal about how he fits on the team. Ramsey has been giving the Jags the run around until they trade him. He wants to play for a team that appreciates him and I think the Eagles are a perfect landing spot. They have a terrible secondary and trading for Ramsey could be the perfect fix to help make them a strong contender.

Kenyan Drake

The Dolphins suck. Some say they are happy he dropped that two point conversion so that they get to keep their run for the number one draft pick. With their fire sale, I think Kenyan Drake is a player who could be traded. He has one year left on his rookie contract and he could really help a team that needs a solid running back. I think the Texans or possibly the Bills. The Bills are interesting because Frank Gore is getting the job done and Devin Singletary looks promising. If the Bills feel like Gore is done after this year and Singletary is more of pass catching change of pace back. Then they could look to add Drake this year while he’s cheap and see what he can do.

AJ Green

This one should happen in my mind. Again it’s an aging star player that has injury problems. A contender should try and pick him up on a one year deal and ride him to the Superbowl if he is healthy. I am looking at the 49ers again here for the same reason as before. They need someone who can make those critical catches when the game is on the line. This could be a good patch if the 49ers couldn’t land Diggs.

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Trade Targets Before the Deadline

    1. Like I said I think Diggs wants to be “the guy” he’s clearly not happy with how the system is run. It’s too run-heavy to support him and Thelien. I think the Vikings will be run-heavy down the stretch and they could use the draft picks to help continue their success. I don’t think that losing Diggs changes the Viking’s gameplan that much. They are contenders and losing Diggs for some draft capital helps them stay contenders.

      1. You don’t see how that move makes them guard-able? Now defenses would be able to take away Adam or take away the run. That’s all they have. With Diggs they have 3 legit threats. Good coordinators can handle teams with two threats, 3 gets tough, 4 is near impossible. Minnesota isn’t better without Diggs. The Vikings will need every piece they’ve got to deal with the Packers.

        1. I agree but if he doesn’t want to be there. That changes things. He starts missing practices, tearing part the locker room, it’s bad for morale etc. I agree the Vikings are better off with him its just a matter of if he will buy-in to the team or not.

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