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As always let me know what you think in the comments below and where you think these quarterbacks might be headed!

Andy Dalton

Will be released this offseason for sure the Bengals are in full tank mode so Zac Taylor can get his guy and the Bengals can try and be the Rams/Bears of the past few years. Andy Dalton will take on a Case Keenum like career path and look to hold over teams until they find their long term answer. I think his most likely landing spot is Redskins. They can pay for him and use him as a stronger bridge quarterback until Haskins is really ready.

Eli Manning

This is easy I think he will retire. Hands down he’s done.

Jameis Winston

Hear me out here I think Winston goes to the Chargers and sits for a year or two until Phillip Rivers is done and takes over there. If he can learn to not throw as many interceptions he is actually not a bad quarterback. Either that or I see the Chargers cleaning house and using Winston as a bridge.

Marcus Mariota

This is a classic Broncos move. Pick up someone else’s leftover QB and try to make it work. See Peyton Manning and Joe Flacco. He would compete with Drew Lock. I think Mariota wins out and hopefully turns it around. I could also see Cam Newton and Mariota switching on this list and having Mariota go to the Bears.

Cam Newton

The Bears are in win-now mode. They have an amazing defense and Mitch Trubisky needs more time to sit and learn. Trubisky has only been the starter for 48 games including college. I think the bring Cam in as the competition and he wins out and then Bears ride him for a year or two until the defense falls apart. The key to this is, can Cam be healthy enough to play at full speed.

Bonus: Teddy Bridgewater

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will pick up Teddy Bridgewater this offseason. He turns the ball over so many fewer times than Jamies. It is insane to think how good the Bucs might be if they can turn the ball over less and build on the defensive core they have upfront. Teddy didn’t do so well in cold and he doesn’t have a huge arm but I think it is enough for him to work in Bruce Arian’s offense.

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