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This is Tom Bradys Last Year as a Patriot

I know this sounds crazy but there are too many things that add up to make this something that has to be talked about. So put away your torches and pitchforks until after you read the article then you can tell me why you disagree and Tom Brady will play forever in the comments!

Father Time

Tom Brady is 42 years old and is not playing like he used to, now obviously there are many factors that can play into that. He is on track for his lowest completion percentage and worst passer rating since 2013. This makes me lean me towards believing this is more of a trend than a fluke. You could say went from what might have been the best WR group in the country to almost no help at all. They had Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, and Julian Edleman. All of those guys are gone or battling injuries. Gronk, his safety blanket, also left. It’s hard to bring in the kind of talent Brady needs to cover up the effects of Father Time and operate like the All-Star we know him as.

Yes, you can say but they are 10-1 and we will get to that in the next section don’t worry. Only 8 people in the NFL have thrown a pass after 42nd birthday. While we all like to think Tom Brady is timeless and the Patriots will win 10 Superbowls with him. The odds are very against it. 7 of those guys were backup QBs or Kickers on a trick play. Only Warren Moon played as a starter and that was his last year. So maybe Tom goes one more year just to break the record but his time is running out and he is starting to battle injuries himself. 

The Patriots’ Record

The Patriots are 10-1 who cares. That is a fine way to think, but the Patriots have had one of the easiest schedules I can remember. So let’s look at the numbers when they are playing winning teams this season.

Against winning teams the Patriots are putting up 14.8 offensive points per game. That’s bad. In those games, Brady has completed just 53.8% of his passes and has a touchdown to interception ratio of 1:1. Last but not least of those passes completed the average yards per attempt was only 5. So while some might say the Patriots are winning who cares. Finally, his passer rating for the season is 88.5 and that is including every game this season. This puts Brady at 21st between Carson Wentz and Daniel Jones.

It is important to see the numbers and how much the defense and special teams are really carrying this team. I mean they are averaging the best starting field position in the NFL. Tom Brady should be feasting and his stats should be insane.

Off the Field

There is too much happening and lining up for this not to be a section. Tom Brady is entering the “last year” of this contract. Here’s a link that explains it. Essentially Brady or the Patriots could walk away this offseason. Tom Brady also sold his house. He is quoted saying “I’m certainly at a place — where I’ve been in the same place for a long time — and I love playing for the Patriots. I have such a great relationship with Mr. Kraft, coach Belichick and our team. We’ll just worry about that when that happens. This isn’t the time to worry about it.” About selling his house and changing teams/retiring.

There is definitely some room in that quote for Brady to leave. This feels like Peyton Manning’s last year. The defense is carrying the team to eek out one last Superbowl with Tom Brady and then he can retire and ride off into the sunset as the GOAT.

The End

Do you think Brady will leave? If he does will he go play for another team? If he did and he still was winning that would be hard to top ever. Let me know what you think!

Photo Credit: https://www.forbes.com/profile/tom-brady/#2806cb62c2aa

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