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The Nets Will Regret Letting D’Angelo Russell Go!

With Lebron James, Kyrie Irving was awesome! Before Lebron James, Kyrie Irving was awesome. But let’s be honest, those three seasons pre-Lebron of awesomeness, does not make you a winner. To put it down in plain words, Kyrie Irving has not necessarily led his own team to the playoffs. But at 22-23 years, D’Angelo Russel did just that!

This article is not about Kyrie! This article is about a kid who actually led his own team. Russell didn’t leave the Nets so that he can prove that he could be the man on his own team. He was the man on his own team. The Brooklyn Nets let go the best thing they had since Jason Kidd.

They let go a proven leader who led them to the playoffs at virtually 22-years-old. They may have gotten more handles, playoff experience, and a better jump shooter. But they lost about five years of youth and tempo player. You know, the tempo players like Jason Kidd, Tony Parker or the great impact Scottie Pippen could have on a game when he was having a poor shooting night. What’s special about those three players and tempo, they’re all champions!

Let’s make one thing clear here. I’m not saying that D’Angelo is better than Kyrie. But I am saying that the Boston Celtics would have made the playoffs without Kyrie Irving’s presence the past two seasons. And with the rest of the Brooklyn Nets roster currently, even minus KD, the Nets are expected to make the playoffs. But don’t expect them to get out the first round. And then maybe, just maybe we can revisit and reevaluate whose better. D’Angelo the young and proven leader, or Kyrie, the champ because of Lebron James.

Featured Image – D’Angelo Russell. Photo Credit Sporting News.

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