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13 years into his tenure at Michigan State University, Mark Dantonio has a list of accomplishments that places him up with all time greats in Big Ten football. Urban Meyer, Jim Tressel and Joe Paterno are the only 3 other conference coaches that have won 11 games in a season 5 times. Dantonio has won a MSU record 3 Big Ten Championships 2010, 2013, 2015 and 5 Bowl Games. This year he surpassed Duffy Daugherty as the winningest coach at MSU.

After a loss to Illinois at home MSU students, fans, and alum, have officially had it with this staff. With a disappointing year in 2016 with a record of 3-9 is when this all started to go downhill. In 2017, he put on a mask and lead the team to a 10-3 season and a win in the Holiday Bowl. Last season he led the team to a 7-6 season and a bowl loss to Oregon. And then this season…

This Season


This season started fine MSU was ranked well and we had high hopes. The high hopes were due to Dantonio’s flip flop of staffing position mostly getting Dave Warner out of the OC spot. We started the season with a good win against Tulsa, expected. Although our offense didn’t perform the best in that game our team looked in tact. Dropping a few passes is no big deal in the first game of the season. Our next game we played Western Michigan, a huge offensive performance gave Spartan fans everywhere hope for a great season. Because that was the one thing we struggled with all year last year. Then came a 10-3 loss to Arizona State….


Right where we were last season, a terrible performance against Arizona State and nothing else exciting all season. After the loss to ASU we have went 2-4, with a good win against Indiana (apologies for earlier this year Hoosiers). Now we come down to the one game that can keep Dantonio in his seat as Head Coach at MSU.

The Big Game


Dantonio has to give MSU a huge win against the Wolverines to be able to maintain his spot as Head Coach. This is what all the fans at MSU look forward to all year. Nobody gives a shit about a Big Ten Championship we have enough of those, we want the boys in AA (arrogant assholes). If he wins this game all is forgotten until next year. If he loses he’s waving goodbye to a great football program he let crumble down.

Do you think Dantonio deserves his position? Or do you think he should be gone and MSU should clear house? Comment your thoughts.


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