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Spence Jr vs. Porter: Who Will Win Saturday Night?

Errol Spence Jr. and Shawn Porter during the final press conference      
Photo Credit: Boxing News               

Saturday, Sept 28th, IBF Champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. will take on WBC Champion Shawn “Showtime” Porter for the unified Welterweight Championship of the world.  According to Fox Sports reporter Hedi Androl, this is the first Welterweight unification fight to take place in Los Angeles  California. During the final press conference, the tension between Spence Jr. and Porter rose as both fighters expressed what they plan to do during the fight. After being asked about how Porter intends to make him feel uncomfortable, Spence Jr.’s response was:

 “If he says he can break me, he’s gonna break me, he’s gonna stop me, he’s gonna beat me up. Keep that same energy come Saturday night”.

Porter rebutted with “ I mean the energy has never changed. The energy ain’t changed, I got the energy right now. Where’s his energy at”.

Final Press Conference

Boxing fans have seen both Spence Jr and Porter perform in numerous fights. Both fighters are skilled, confident and fans love to see them fight. Porter has 17 knockouts, two losses and his last three matches were won by unanimous decision and split decision. Spence Jr. has 21  knockouts, no losses and his previous three fights were won by corner stoppage, KO, and unanimous decision.  The common question that is usually asked among sports is “Who has the better chance of coming out on top”?.

Fight Styles

The “Truth” Spence Jr. and “Showtime” Porter     Photo Credit: 3Kingsboxing                       

Porter has an in your space, brawler/boxer type of fighting style. During Porter’s fight against Adrian Granados, Porter was very light on his feet, utilizing ring, slipping and rolling under punches. In a few of the highlights, Porter also stays in Granado’s space and throws some big haymaker punches to the head and body. During Porter fights against Danny Garica and Yordenis Ugas, Porter fought differently.

When Porter fought Garcia, he stayed in front Garcia more, threw more body punches and didn’t move around the ring as much.  Porter used a brawler fight style and showed fans that he was the aggressor in the ring. During the Ugas fight, Porter mixed things up. Porter went after Ugas when he felt he had the chance, but Porter boxed Ugas as well, although porter hit the mat during this fight.

Spence Jr. relays on his boxing style. Spence Jr. can throw combinations,  counterpunch, and utilized ring space. Fans saw this during the Lamont Peterson match that resulted in a fight Stoppage. Spence Jr. also can get the job done quickly and land big body shots. Spence Jr. knocked down Carlos Ocampo in the first round by landing body shots. Spence Jr. will go the distance and make his opponent work to win, which Spence Jr. showed fans during the Mikey Garcia fight.

If Porter can outbox Spence Jr., throw a quick combination and get out the way, he has a good chance at beating Spence Jr. and possibly winning by unanimous decision. Spence Jr. has more Knockouts than Porter. If Spence Jr. box Porter when he needs to, and counter punch every chance he gets but lands significant punches by using his power, Spence Jr. can walk away with the win.

The Fight will take place on September 28, 2019, at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles at 9 p.m ET and 6 p.m PT. For more information, go to

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