Sat. Jan 4th, 2020

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Sorry Cleveland, You Still Suck

Yes you gained a sensitive and overrated WR in Beckham Jr. and just in case you think i’m lying, when is the last memorable moment from OBJ… Oh wait…. Is it the temper tantrum that led him to be engaged to a kicking net or his recent GQ interview bashing his former team with his arrogance and too cool attitude?

Also you gained a new head coach with no experience which is your 17th now. Freddie Kitchens didn’t have any coordinator experience or head coaching experience. Which is mostly why fans and former OL coach Bob Wylie thought making him a head coach didn’t make any sense especially since other coaches were more influential in the team’s offense last season.

However there is another bitter sweet offseason move for this mediocre organization with the addition of Kareem Hunt, the star running back who committed domestic violence and will be suspended the first half of the season. Even with his addition the Browns’ running back room has already taken a hit with Duke johnson coming out saying he wants to be traded.

Add all that with them being one of the youngest teams in the league with no real experience in the playoffs, and you still have a Browns team that has been a mess since the late 60’s and will be for the time to come no matter who’s under helm in Cleveland. The team ultimately will still be mediocre or on the bubble for a wildcard spot at best. So for all you delusional Browns fans, I’m sorry Cleveland you’re still going to suck in the 2019-2020 season.

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