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Ranking each NFL Division from Worst to Best

We’re about three-quarters of the way through the season now and the playoffs are the hot new topic. Some divisions already have a clear-cut winner and some you just know are going to be neck and neck until the very end. Let’s go ahead and take a look at where all eight NFL divisions currently stand this season from worst to best.

8. NFC East

It may seem odd that the division with the reigning Super Bowl champs is now last on the list but we all know by now they are not that same team this year. Not to mention, the NFC East has the worst division leader in the NFL right now with the Cowboys on top at 7-5. Don’t get too excited that they just beat the Saints on Thursday Night Football, they are still Dallas.

The Giants are awful yet again, and sadly the 5-6 Eagles and the 6-5 Alex Smithless Redskins are both serious candidates for winning the division still. Next.

7. AFC East

The only reason the AFC East isn’t last is because of the almighty Patriots who refuse to have even an average season. After New England though there isn’t very much to talk about. The Dolphins started off 3-0 and have fallen to 5-6, they don’t look like a playoff team at all but they are still contenders.

Then there’s the Bills and the Jets who are two of the worst teams in football this year. Every year for over the last decade, it seems as though one team is just trying to play catchup with the Pats, however, this year none of them will even come close to succeeding.

6. AFC South

The AFC South is at least near the worst division if not the worst division almost every year and this proves to be true yet again. The AFC South holds three teams that are either mediocre or just bad.

Granted, the Texans are very hot and the Colts may be hinting at turning things around and making a playoff run, but the Jags who are the division winners from last year, are laughable this year and have now lost SEVEN straight. Better luck next year Sacksonville.

5. AFC North

A couple weeks ago this division would’ve been right near the top, but the slumps of the Bengals and Ravens have earned them the number five spot today. The Steelers have really come a long way since the beginning of the season. They are one of the most dominant offenses in football.

The Ravens are quite the opposite, starting off very hot, Baltimore lost three straight prior to their most recent wins over their divisional rival who are struggling even worse, Cincinnati, and then Oakland aka the worst team in the league. This was all even with one of the best defenses the NFL has to offer. But who knows, maybe Lamar Jackson was the answer they needed.

Speaking of the Bengals, they have lost five of their last six games. They just don’t look like the same team without star receiver A.J. Green. Then well, the Browns are the Browns. But there is some upside for the future with Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb. Even with the slumps though, this is still a fairly scary division and you don’t have a guaranteed win against any of these teams.

4. NFC West

The NFC West holds not only the jaw-dropping L.A. Rams but also the red-hot Seahawks who very well may be the best comeback team of the year (Houston doesn’t count). The Rams don’t really even need to be explained. Todd Gurley, Jared Goff, Brandin Cooks, and Robert Woods on offense and way too many notable players to name on Defense. Super Bowl contenders without a doubt.

Seattle is fascinating though, since starting 0-2, they’ve bounced back and are now 6-5 with two of those three losses coming from none other than the L.A. Rams. These weren’t ordinary losses either, they were both shootouts that were decided by two points and then five points. But one thing without a doubt worth mentioning is that the Seahawks have not lost a single game by more than one possession.

It’s unfortunate that the Cardinals and 49ers drag this division down so heavily but the NFC West is still a top tier division.

3. NFC South

Who Dat Saints! Absolutely the most dominant team in the league right now, except for the other night against Dallas. Sure they conquered the Rams who were undefeated at the time, but I think what’s really special about this Saints team is that they are absolutely obliterating just about every team they play. They lost their first game week one to their division foe Tampa Bay and have been on a psychotic warpath since. Brees has been playing scary good and spreading the ball around a ton, I can’t wait to see them perform in the playoffs. Enough about New Orleans now.

This division, with just maybe the exception of the Bucs, is an extremely competitive division with the rest of the league. You really don’t know what to expect with any of them. 6-5 Carolina is still a top performing team despite losing their last three games. The 4-7 Falcons can be frustrating to watch, mainly when they lose some close battles or games they go into as the favorite. However, I know if their defense wasn’t demolished by injuries the way it has been this season, Atlanta would be fighting seriously for a top wild-card spot.

Now the other 4-7 team in the NFC South, Tampa Bay. I have to say I’ve absolutely loved watching Tampa throughout this season. They made a lot of people lose their pick ems in week one when they handed the Saints their only loss of the season. Then again when they took down the reigning Super Bowl champs the very next week. But let us not forget, FITZMAGIC! This guy really made it entertaining to watch this team with some incredible performances. Sadly, it appears the magic has run out for him. Anyways, bottom line is, the NFC South is a force to be reckoned with.

2. NFC North

What’s unique about the NFC North is that you could put any one of these teams up against another and not know who would win confidently. Personally, I think overall they are the most competitive division on a yearly basis. I have to admit though, it’s nice to see the Bears on top this year. They’ve undoubtedly earned it with their insane defense.

Chicago’s offense isn’t talked about enough though. Mitch Trubisky is really proving himself right now and greatly contributes to their success this year. Then we have Minnesota who is similar to Chicago with a good offense and stout D. I would be surprised if they don’t get at least a wild-card spot this year.

Aaron Rodgers still makes his team quite deadly as always, despite the losing record owned by the Packers. Then there’s Detroit who just absolutely loves to handout upsets, like to the Patriots, Packers, and most recently the Panthers. Maybe they just have a thing for beating teams that start with “P”. Tread lightly in the cold waters of the NFC North.

1. AFC West

Last and clearly not least, the AFC West. Now before you ask yourself how the division with the last place team is at the top, hear me out. It really is crazy to think that the AFC West contains the Chiefs who are on top of the whole AFC, the Chargers who are only one game behind them, the Broncos, who are big contenders for a wild-card spot, AND the Raiders, who are the worst team in the NFL. There’s a lot going on in this division.

My spiel on the AFC West is this. The Chiefs and Chargers are 100% both going to the playoffs, and the Broncos might be the most underrated team in the league. Half of Denver’s losses were to either the Rams or Chiefs, all of which were one-possession games! Not to mention a heartbreaker to the hot Texans off of a missed game-winning field goal.

I’m boldly going to predict that all three of these teams go to the playoffs. Okay, let’s admit the fact that the Raiders are also in this division is just the balance of football nature and therefore, enough said about that. The AFC West has without a doubt earned the top spot.


Now fellow football fans, tell me your thoughts. What would you change about these rankings? What are your predictions for the rest of the season?

Featured Image – Christian Mccaffrey (22) Carolina Panthers running back hurdles New Orleans Saints defender. Photo Credit 247 Sports. 

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