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AFC Division and Wild Card Predictions 2019

Tis’ that time of year again… The time where football is right around the corner, but seems as if it’s still light years away. Almost like Christmas morning as a kid. With less than 50 days until regular season kicks off, I’ve decided to make my first playoff predictions for the 2019-2020 season. I’ve broken down each division and come up with who I believe will win each AFC divisional battle, and one team who has a legitimate chance for a wild card spot. Ready? Kickoff!

AFC North

Winner: Cleveland Browns (10-6)

Potential Wild Card: Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7)

The Browns are arguably the hottest topic in the NFL for this upcoming season, and with all of their offseason additions, it’s easy to understand why. I believe the ascending browns will take the North over their descending counterparts pending the development of a strong Mayfield and OBJ duo. The Ravens and Steelers will likely be duking it out the whole season for that number two spot, in the end however, Pittsburgh’s offense (or Baltimore’s lack of) will likely be what prevails.

AFC East

Winner: New England Patriots (11-5)

Potential Wild Card: Buffalo Bills (10-6)

Predicting the winner of the AFC East has been about as unanimous as possible for the last 15 years or so. The Patriots unchallenged dominance  seems like it will continue until Brady or Belichick steps down. Here and there, one rival will challenge them and make a playoff run by the Pat’s side. Last year even with a shaky New England start, that spot was vacant (serious props to the Dolphins however, for the Miami Miracle).

This year, and I am trying to look at it from the utmost unbiased position as possible, I BILLIEVE the Bills will give New England Patriots a run for their money. They’ve tuned up quite a bit this offseason. Filling their weak spots in their O-line, Wide Receiver, and Running Back positions. Not to mention, the Bills were #2 (Yes that’s right, 2) in yards allowed last season. Michael Robinson of NFL Network agrees and actually believes the Bills will take the whole division this year. All I’m saying, is Buffalo should not be taken lightly this year.

AFC South

Winner: Indianapolis Colts (12-4)

Potential Wild Card: Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7)

The Colts finished last season with a bang and I’d put my money on them picking up right where they left off with Andrew Luck performing like a Rockstar, I find it hard to believe any team will beat out Indy this year. The Jags replacement of Bortles with Nick Foles is HUGE and will lead them to a decent season, with the Texans not far behind.

AFC West

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)

Potential Wild Card: LA Chargers (11-5)

I know, I know. This is almost the exact outcome of last season, but this prediction is for good reason. MVP Patrick Mahomes has made a statement and proved himself to everyone in the football world, and it’s only uphill from here. The loss of Kareem Hunt hurts, and the Tyreek Hill situation was scary for some time. Bottom line though, the Chiefs are Championship Caliber, even still and I’d say it’s enough to tackle their strong and hungry rival in LA this season.

One last thing of note for this division is I strongly believe the Raiders are receiving too much hype. I think the impact of AB will be sturdy but minimal with an inconsistent Derek Carr. A blown raiders draft will have them sitting well below LA and KC this year.

What are your thoughts on my predictions? Are there any dark horse I should have considered? Let me know, and we shall wait and see how this season plays out.

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