Thu. Jan 2nd, 2020

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NFL Officiating Completely Takes Over

As I’m sure everyone is aware, the Lions were robbed of another game this season by the “officials.” For starters, too many men. I mean this should be unacceptable all around being that this is the NFL, but if Detroit is going to get screwed with the call, then so should the opposing team. The Lions have consistently dealt with getting the short end of the stick when it comes to clutch moments in a football game.

The Lions had great momentum throughout the entire game leading 22-13 into the fourth quarter. We were holding up well on the defensive side of the ball until an absorb hands to the face call was made on defensive end Trey Flowers, immediately putting the Lions in a very vulnerable position. And of course Rodgers finished the drive off with a 35 yard touchdown pass. These are points in the game where NFL officials need to be paying the MOST attention.

This takes the game of football and makes it so much harder to watch. How can one enjoy a game that is unfairly officiated? You can’t, unless of course you’re the one in the favor. At the most crucial points of a game is when the Lions find that they are truly up shits creek with no paddle.

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