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NFL MVP Prediction

The NFL MVP race will be an NFC battle between Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson.


The NFL has quite a competitive line of teams this year. From the Saints playing better without Drew Brees to Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers time traveling back to 2012. We also have a young Lamar Jackson making the Ravens look just as good as they did when Flacco was in his prime. To say the least, the NFL is quite a toss-up this year. However, there are a few NFL MVP candidates that are quite clear, and I think one stands out from the rest.

The top candidates this year for NFL MVP are Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, Dalvin Cook, and Christian McCaffrey. Clearly Christian McCaffrey is playing outstanding and deserves all the love he is getting. However, I do not think he is doing as much for his team as Rodgers, Jackson, and Wilson. Dalvin Cook is in the same boat. He is already having one of the top years in his career, but I just can not see him playing this good all year.

Then there were three. I love how Lamar Jackson plays. He is one of those quarterbacks who is just as dangerous outside the pocket as he is inside the pocket. He is way too much fun to watch, but he just does not have enough pieces around him. Okay, now time to hit the time machine. Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson would not have been my guess for who would have been MVP at the start of the season. I would have had to guess Mahomes or Brees. Sadly, both of them are injured and will not have a chance at winning MVP.

Aaron Rodgers is literally playing out of his mind in one of the toughest NFC North’s the league has seen in a while. He is throwing the ball more accurate and winning more games then we have seen in a few years. However, statistically the numbers Russell Wilson is getting per game is unbelievable. The guy has an average QB rating of 79.6. That is literally unheard of. Russell Wilson is my mid-season prediction at who will win MVP.

Featured Image – The two most likely MVP candidates. Photo Credit – Fanduel Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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