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The NBA Should Listen to Me About Changes

NBA Changes: Potential changes
2 of these ideas to change the NBA is good, the others? P.U.! Photo Credits to

So the NBA wants to make changes now? I do not know what has occurred that has made these changes a possibility. But if the NBA truly wants to draw the significant ratings they’ve had in the past, they should look no further than this post right here.

#1 of MY NBA Changes: Outdoor Games

This change may be slightly difficult, but if the NBA could pull it off that would be nothing short of spectacular. Basketball has a rich history in some outdoor courts such as Rucker Park in Harlem, or the beach courts in Venice. So why not bank on that history and play one game in either location. I understand the team needs with home games, but the NFL plays around the world, the MLB plays in Williamsport and will be playing at the Field of Dreams soon. Players may feel a difference playing outdoors, but the NBA should try to host and outdoor game at either location when the weather warms up near the season.

#2 of MY NBA Changes: Compensatory Picks

A lot of college basketball players never amount to getting into the NBA. But with the G-League growing, and player movement being at an All-Time high, why not give this a shot? The NFL offers compensatory picks to teams that lose players. I do not know what the value or location of these picks should be, but if a team loses their superstar they should be rewarded with another pick to start the rebuild, or in the case of the Toronto Raptors, continue their dominance.

Now this is where it gets dicey. What is a Superstar? What caliber of player gets what type of pick? All-NBA Teams, accolades, player averages, and what the team will look like the following years should be in consideration. Kawhi Leonard leaving the Raptors shouldn’t garner the same comp. pick as a player like Kemba Walker leaving the Hornets. It is a tricky idea, but should be successful if done correctly.

#3 of MY NBA Changes: If a Player is Going to Sit Out for Load Management, it has to be a Home Game

I touched on it in Raines Radio, but load management has been a problem throughout the first part of this season. And to be honest, I think my solution hit it out of the park. If a Dad buys him and his kid tickets in Cleveland to go see the Cavaliers play the Clippers, he certainly isn’t going just to see Cedi Osman and Tristan Thompson. He wants to see the Klaw and PG. Sorry Cavs fans. People in L.A. can pay and go see their stars. But for the one game in Cleveland that the Clippers play, the stars should play.

This is another tricky fix. Because number 1, what is load management? and number 2, I already touched on, what is a superstar, and who deems him such? The TV ratings also make this fix tough, because the NBA doesn’t want their stars sitting out any games. I recognize the need for load management, I truly do. And if a team HAS to do it, then do it at home, people in other stadiums are paying to see your stars. *Cough* *Cough* Clippers.

#4 of MY NBA Changes: Do the All Star Draft Right Before the Game

Now this one is TOUGH, as players might want to know who they are playing for. The vote can stay the same, vote in your players, 1st and 2nd highest amount of votes become captains, sure, whatever. But to make it almost truly like the pickup game it is, draft before the game, make it like the schoolyard. Forget worrying about who goes last pick. I got a change for that too. Give them money towards a charity of their choosing, they won’t care about being picked last, it’s an honor to make an All-Star Game anyways.

#5 of MY NBA Changes: The Rookie/Sophomore, USA vs. World Game

Sticking with the All-Star Weekend, make this young player showcase truly into a showcase. Make it into a 3 v 3 tournament. Nobody wants to watch the value store All-Star Game, barely anyone wants to watch the regular All-Star Game. But if this was made into a 3 v 3 tournament, I’m sold on it. The selection of the players can remain the same. But once the selection is done, let the players make their own squad of 3. While we’re at it, get rid of the celebrity game, and throw each team a celebrity as a 4th member. That would be a fun kickoff to the All-Star Weekend.

In Conclusion….

The NBA didn’t make many serious changes that mean a lot to the fans. A shortened season by 4 games? What good is that going to do for players who use load management as an excuse to sit out for at least 10-12 games. The 7-10 conference play-in might be fun to watch, but it’s extra games and it contradicts the NBA trying to shorten its season. What good is an in-season tournament going to do? Are we going to invent a trophy? Just feels stupid to me. I do really like the re-seeding once we get into the Eastern and Western Conference Finals however. The 4 best teams tend to make it to those, but the 2 best teams might not play in the finals. See the final years of Cavs vs. Warriors. Once again, Sorry Cavs Fans.

Like I said throughout, I don’t know all of the logistics behind some of these ideas. But as a fan, I’d be excited to see how all 5 of these changes would play out. I’m more of an ideas guy, and these ideas could better the NBA.

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