Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

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James Harden Is “Cracked”

James Harden and the Houston Rockets look like they could make an exceptional run this year.

To say the least, James Harden has been very “cracked.” He has just dropped another 40 point game and seems to be gelling with Russel Westbrook. Although it is quite early in the season, it seems that James Harden is more comfortable in Houston this season. He and Chris Paul had clear toxicity towards each other and seemed to play for themselves. So Houston is already showing an immense amount of improvement from last year’s team.

I also see Westbrook and Harden really trying to compete for a championship this year. Although the West is extremely competitive this year, I could see the Rockets making a considerable run in playoffs this year. Harden is averaging 10.8 field goals per game, which is insanely high. Those numbers are the only thing we see out of superstars with no help on their teams, but Harden is getting a lot of help

However, the regular season in the NBA is not even half the battle. Playoffs are an entirely different atmosphere, and we have never seen James Harden play up to his full potential in playoffs yet. His play-style is becoming more viable in the NBA, but it has not seemed to pay off in the long run. For now, all we can do is watch, so we will see.

James Harden enjoying himself. Photo Credit – Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

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