Is this Team the Next AFC Dynasty?

Over the last 18 years, we have been privileged to witness what many consider to be the greatest dynasty in NFL history, The New England Patriots. Love them or hate them you have to admit what they’ve been able to do is unprecedented, and likely to not happen on this scale again. However, with Tom Brady nearing retirement (hopefully) this machine might slow down. Which leaves the question, who in the AFC is gonna take the Patriots place?

Top Contenders.

The Kansas City Chiefs

  • With the best young quarterback in Patrick Mahomes surrounded by young talent, a good coach and offensive line, anything is possible for this team.

The Los Angeles Chargers

  • With an experienced Quarterback in Phillip Rivers leading an absolutely loaded roster on both offense and defense, these next couple of years are bound to be interesting. Lombardi Ave

The Indianapolis Colts

  • Having a great veteran quarterback who has already signed his contract and over 100 million in cap space allows this team a lot of flexibility on what to do in the future. The offensive line for this is no longer a problem for Andrew Luck, and drafting the core of the defense with All-Pro and DROY Darius Leonard has this team on the right path to win it all numerous times.IndyStar

So, Who’s gonna come out on top?

My top choice is for the Indianapolis Colts to dominate the AFC and entire NFL for the next few years at least with how things are going now for the team. Their GM Chris Ballard continues to make smart and calculated decisions not gambling in free agency or the draft allowing him to build a silent monster in the AFC South.

NJ Advanced Media

Will there ever be another dynasty in the AFC? Who do you think it could be?

Featured Image – Patrick Mahome (15) Kansas City Chiefs stud quarterback. Photo Credit The Athletic.

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