Mon. Dec 30th, 2019

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After Monday night’s game between the Lions and the Packers, there is something to think about. Do the Lions stink or do the refs blow all their games? After Monday night, David Bakhtiari’s sell job made Lions fan twitter go insane.

I mean it shows how Lions fans feel due to the #LionsVsRefs trending after the game. As a Packers fan watching the game in a room full of Detroit fans I loved every second of it. Not only did we win the game, but we won it in the last second and gave them hope the entire game. I take the win, I know they were bad calls but you don’t go a week in the NFL without hearing this bullshit. The refs are humans and humans make errors no matter what. The Broncos have gotten the short end of the stick and the Lions have the history of continuing to get the short end of the stick every year come clutch time.

23 Best Memes of Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers Getting Lucky Against the Detroit Lions:

Go Pack Go

5-1 in the NFC under the new HC Matt Lafleur is a great way to start his first season. After Mike McCarthy left the team in shambles, WE’RE BACK BABY. TOP OF THE NFC NORTH, TOP OF THE WORLD, GO PACK GO.

Do you think the refs blew it, or did the Lions choke it away? Comment Below

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