Glitz, Glamor, and Game!

Imagine this, being a fan of a franchise that has consistently struggled and been the leagues laughing stock for the last twenty years only for in a single offseason to have the expectations raised to playoff/Super Bowl hype levels. This is what a young and talented Browns team faces in the upcoming 2019 season. In this article, hopefully I can convince you to root for the Cleveland Browns too!

Baker Mayfield is a talented quarterback and leader


Second-year starting quarterback, Baker Mayfield, is what the Cleveland Browns has been desperately searching for the last 20 years and finally, they found the perfect guy for their team. He’s all Cleveland from his tough guy attitude to his underdog story in college. Baker is a guy to root for and an extremely accurate passer, look for him to light it up this season.

Number 6 also has the ability to make plays with his feet. Sometimes extending plays waiting for receivers to get open, or pick up a first down. This has defenses sweating thinking about the upcoming season.

Odell Beckham Jr. looks to prove his doubters wrong

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It’s scary to think OBJ is only 26 years old and is already this well known, and by many, disliked. His numerous off the field incidents and cocky attitude have led many to dislike his character. This does not draw back from his incredible talent as a receiver though.

Finally getting a quarterback who can truly throw an accurate deep-ball should allow OBJ’s world-class speed and ability to track the football to be shown off. Book this guy for at least 1,200 yards and 10 touchdowns this season.

John Dorsey has the keys to the car and he sure knows how to drive

Cleveland Browns General Manager John Dorsey seems to have pretty good control of the team. The Browns are heading in the direction he wants to go. All of the moves in the draft and offseason the past two years points them to a win now mode. I personally couldn’t agree more with this considering the talent the Browns have built up and Mr. Dorsey’s skill at evaluating and finding talent in both the draft and free agency.

See the Kansas City Chiefs as an example of a roster he helped build. The Browns are in really good hands. Arguably, they have the most talented roster in the AFC, maybe the NFL.

Putting the pieces together

This upcoming season you’ll have plenty of chances to watch this young and exciting team play since they’ll be on prime time on 4 different occasions. Even if they don’t win all their games you can best believe it’ll be fun to watch them fight. From their Quarterback to talented running backs and receivers, the offense is sure to be a fireworks show. Couple this with a stifling defense, opposing teams should be in for a ride next season.

The buzz around this team can’t be understated, from 20 years of hardship to sky-high expectations, this team is sure to signal a day in Cleveland Browns football.

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Featured Image – Cleveland Browns team is ready to win as much as any team in the league right now. Photo Credit Sporting News.

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