Give Me My MVP Back

Derrick Rose moment of truth. A long shot, but his moment of truth. Can he thrive? Can he relive the 2011 performances that he dazzled the basketball world with again? Of course, he can. We have seen flashes. Forget the flashes tho. Can he do it for a whole game?

He answered that question with one of his best performances ever last season with 50 points verse the Utah Jazz seven years later after he was crowned the youngest MVP ever. Besides the fact of his recent 2011 performance, the question is, can he do it consistently?

Yes, we know that this is Andre Drummond’s team. Yes, we know that Reggie Jackson is the starting point guard. Yes, we know that D. Rose is fragile. And finally, we know that he is 30 years old. But believe or not, Steph Curry is one year older than D.Rose. Well, seven months older to be exact.

This may just be hopeful wishing. Or this may just be a case of a die-hard D. Rose fan who won’t let go of his first three seasons in the NBA. Salivating at the thought of Derrick Rose leading Detroit Pistons deep in the playoffs with MVP numbers. Literally kidnapping Reggie Jackson’s minutes and clutch time. 30 points in back to back games including the win.

Demanding his MVP trophy back! “Give me my MVP back!”

Featured Image – Derrick Rose. Photo Credit Bleacher Report.

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