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Fantasy Standouts and Disappointments Week 9

The big dog Patriots have finally gone down after playing a real team, the dolphins finally get their first win, Baker shaved his beard twice in one day and Vinatieri might have to hang up the cleats. The NFL is such a great league, (even if it’s trending downwards for some) and there’s always something going on that makes you go “what did I just watch?” Let’s get into who tore it up, and who you secretly want to drop after this week (even though we all know you won’t).


Jimmy Garoppolo- 32 points 28/37, 317 yards, 4 TD – Jimmy G was the big question mark in the fact that the 49ers are still undefeated. The defense is good, the running game is solid but can Jimmy G actually sling it across the field when needed? Although it was against a weak Arizona defense, Garoppolo had himself a day and the 9ers remain undefeated.

Tyler Lockett- 40.2 points, 13 catches, 152 yds, 2 TD– In what would’ve been a bad loss to Tampa Bay, Wilson and Lockett came out victorious by continuing to put up MVP numbers together. Lockett saw a season high 18 targets and reeled in 13 of them, two of which were for big touchdowns. Lockett has posted single digits one time this year and with Wilson playing the way he has been, I don’t see this changing any time soon.

Kenyan Drake- 29.7 points, 15 carries, 110 yds, 1 TD, 4 catches, 52 yds – This honestly made me so happy. I have been saying for weeks now that if Drake could play for a real team (sorry Dolphins fans) that he would perform well and I was right. With Johnson and Edmonds banged up, it was all Drake. However, with Johnson returning shortly and playing against SF again in two weeks, I think that Drake will surely slow down.


The Entire Chicago Bears Offense – There are two things that make this Chicago Bears season absolutely terrible. The first is that so many people had Trubisky winning the MVP and with an MVP quarterback and a top 5 defense, this team was supposed to make a run deep in the playoffs. The second bad thing is that the Bears traded up to 2 to get Mitch, with Mahomes and Watson clearly out-performing him. That being said, this offense had two guys with double-digit receiving yards against a terrible Eagles defense, and two guys with doubledigit rushing yards, one of which being Trubisky. That says it all.

Sony Michel- 4.4 points, 4 carries, 18 yards, 1 catch, 12 yards – The patriots have been exposed on prime time television and Michel was one of them. He saw a seasonlow in carries (because the pats were playing from behind) and just did not perform. It is going to be a rough one going forward for this offense as 5 of their next 7 teams have a record of over .500

Tevin Coleman- 6.8 points, 12 carries, 23 yards, 2 catches, 13 yards – We all knew Coleman wasn’t going to recreate his last week’s performance but he did post his worse numbers all year. The carries were similar to last week but he could just not break any through the Arizona D line and he wasn’t part of the passing game as usual. SF has a load of good defenses up ahead so play Coleman with caution moving forward.

Featured Image – NFL Fantasy Football. Photo Credit Landry Football.

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