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Ever Been so Mad About Getting Kicked Out of a Bar That…

…You decided to crash your plane into a stadium?

I get it, we’ve all been there. You’re at a bar, having a little more to drink than you should be, and you happen to start running your mouth. The wrong person, former Baltimore Colts linebacker and bar owner Bill Pellington, hears about it and kicks you out, ruining your good time. So what do you do? Write a 1-star review on the 1970’s version of Yelp? Vent to your friends about the guy?

I would’ve settled with thanking him for not face-masking me into oblivion as he threw me out the door.

You see, Donald Kroner wasn’t your average salty bar-patron. To him, common sense wasn’t so common, and the concept of “laws” were seen as “suggestions” to him. Donald was an outside-the-box thinker, so true to form, he grabbed a bottle and a few rolls of toilet paper, then headed to the bar… in his airplane.

The former flight instructor decided that vandalizing things from the ground was so 1960’s, and took to the skies to drop the TP and glass bottle on top of the former linebacker’s place. Oh, and he called in a bomb-threat.

Donald Kroner seen calling in a bomb threat – 1976 (Colorized)

Kroner didn’t stop there, though. Throughout the week leading up to the AFC Divisional Title Game where the Colts were set to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, multiple reports were made about a plane making low passes over the host stadium.

On December 19th, 1976, Donald saw his chance at truly getting even with the former player who hadn’t even played with the team in a decade by arming himself with more toilet paper, a can of yellow spray paint, and a can of spray snow. In arguably the best lopsided defeat to happen to fans of a losing team in NFL History, Memorial Stadium was largely empty by the end of the 40-14 blowout when Donald Kroner’s actions landed him into the spotlight.

“We lost by 26 points – it was awesome!”
Source – Gallup

Don claims that he was actually in attendance for the game, but left at halftime because, “the Colts were having such a terrible time”, and actually meant to simply land the plane on the field before taking off again. I can’t exactly tell what his intentions were, and we may never know for sure. All I know is that the man knew how to voice his displeasure at people and the sports teams he loves and I respect it. Sure, he committed a few felonies and risked thousands of lives in the process, but Donald said, “to hell with sending a tweet to the team and its players, I’m going to #fullsend,” and really gave the team a piece of his mind.

If this were the guy who had taught me how to fly, I’d be asking for a refund.
Source – CheckSix

Or, he just did what we all think about doing when our team loses by 26 points in a playoff game and decided to call it quits. But I get it, we’ve all been there.

Featured Image – Plane crashes into stadium. Photo Credit Statter 911.

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