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Better than MJ now?

It’s been a rough year for the King. He has been clowned constantly about the way the Lakers have been performing all season long. Since he came in the league, he has had a target on his back and pressure has always been his enemy. But this is just a normal day in the life of Lebron James.

With all the pressure building up along with the extra demands that have been placed on him, King James still finds a way to live up to the hype. From finding a way to get a mediocre team to the playoffs or even the pressure on him to bring a championship to a city that couldn’t even touch a trophy themselves. He still managed to make it happen.

After accomplishing both, it still wasn’t enough to give him the title “Greatest basketball player of all-time.” The only way I could see him getting that title is if Jordan would have never existed.

LeBron James has had a rough year in LA. Photo Credit NBC Los Angeles.

The only pressure James couldn’t escape was the fact that he would always be pinned against what some would call the greatest player to ever touch a basketball, Michael Jordan.

James never said it, but seems he has always felt the need to prove that he was not only better than Jordan, but he is the greatest basketball player period. He might have even raised a few eyebrows if he had. Recently, the Lakers took on the Denver Nuggets in their final season match up. The kid from Akron, Ohio took a back door cut to the basket for the and one layup that would soar him past MJ on the all-time scoring list. Minutes before the game James expressed his emotions on Twitter on a dream come true saying, “Can’t even front, this is going to be UNREAL.” After the game, many players including Jordan congratulated LeBron on passing him on the list.

Lebron has had an accomplished career. He’s won MVP season and finals, along with multiple championships including the one he brought to Cleveland. He also won an Olympic Gold Medal in two Olympic trips, so if you ask me he has nothing else to prove for his basketball career.

But there is one thing that continues to hunt him like a dark cloud over his head. Is he better than the God of basketball? When asked about James passing him on the list, and if it makes him better after he does, Jordan responded with, “The only thing that matters to me is 6 rings, if he gets there, then we can start talking.”

After that, I guess it’s nothing else to talk about. We’ll have to wait and see if James can get a few more rings.

Featured Image – LeBron James always in the shadow of Michael Jordan. Photo Credit ClutchPoints.

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