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Bears Make Clear Move Towards Kaepernick?

What Happened?

The Bears are down 10 points last night with 3 minutes left and all of their timeouts. They benched Mitch Trubisky and put Chase Daniels out there to try and win the game to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Bears came out later and said that they bench Trubisky because of a hip injury that happened during the first half. I am not buying it.

Trubisky had no one around on the sidelines he didn’t go into the tent or the locker room. He was pacing up and down the sidelines with a hip injury that kept him out of the game with 3 minutes left. There’s no way if you have a franchise QB that you take him out of the game that is how you end up with this. The Bears made a clear move to show that they do not have faith in Mitch. You can clearly see in his press conference that he wanted to play and thought he could play through it. (Trubisky is at 24:30) Nagy is ready to move on from Mitch and here is where it opens the gate to Kaepernick since the Bears would need a QB to take over.

How does this relate to Kaepernick?

Kaepernick drama and all had his workout over the weekend. You might say but the Bears weren’t there? The entire thing was live-streamed and I am sure video was sent to all the teams. There is no way someone in the Bears scouting department didn’t watch. You should be doing due diligence on every single player in the league that even might have a chance to be on your team so you are ready. That’s how a team stays prepared and ready for anything. Ryan Pace didn’t even talk to Trubisky pre-draft. Trubisky had no idea the Bears were going to draft him. So they know what Kaepernick can do let’s clear that up.

How does this play out moving forward?

I am sure the NFL is hard-pressed to get a team to sign Kaepernick. They are looking for someone anyone to get this guy on a roster. The Bears have now shown clear evidence that they don’t believe in Trubisky. Talent scouts from other teams have said that Kaepernick’s arm talent is elite and that he can still play. Here is how I would see it playing out.

They sign Kaepernick soon, like in the next week or two. They at least bring him in for a workout. Then once he is on the roster he is going to be listed as the third QB behind Chase Daniels. This man hasn’t played a snap in the NFL is over three years. He needs some time to get back into a rhythm of the schedule and getting to know his teams. The Bears need to make sure he won’t do anything crazy. So week 17 rolls around and the Bears are already basically out of the playoffs after last night. They let Kaepernick play the game. It doesn’t really matter how he does.

How does it end?

The Bears go into the offseason with the narrative that is Mitch vs. Kaepernick to get the starting job. Even if he doesn’t play week 17, this is the story. I think in the end Mitch wins out the Bears cut Kaepernick. It’s a win win win for everyone involved. The NFL can say look we tried, Kaepernick can whine and complain but he got a chance. The Bears organization can distance themselves from Trubisky and tank the season and look for the next guy in the upcoming draft.

Disclaimer: I acknowledge that this is a pretty hot take but who knows it could happen.

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