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Carolina Panthers


With Cam Newton out for possibly good. The Panthers need a long term solution at the helm of their offense. Kaepernick could make things interesting in Carolina teaming up with an MVP caliber Running Back in Christian McCaffrey.

Miami Dolphins


Miami needs a long term answer as well. With QBs coming in and out every season, they need someone they can rely on. Either they take Kaepernick and he becomes a franchise QB or they draft a QB in this years draft. Taking Kaepernick would give them a better chance of digging themselves out of irrelevancy.

Da Bears


After this season, Bears fans should give up on their once was savior Trubisky. Even Chase Daniels has done better than him this season. But if you pair an arm like Kaepernick’s and mobility with the offense Nagy wants to run the Bears could have an offense.

Denver Broncos


Since Manning retired, Elway has taken many strikes at the QB position and another strike he took was taking old and out of date but Elite, Flacco for this year. The Broncos almost traded for Kaepernick in 2016 so why not try again and give him a chance. Or do you let Drew Lock get a chance under the reigns.

New England Patriots


With Tom Brady being 42 years old, the Pats have never turned a blind eye to a player with a talent. Belichick loves guys with talent and would be able to make Kaepernick shine once again. But the Pats are a long shot.

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